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So, you're a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist… what do you drive?

Iron Man's Superstar Super Car Collection

  • 13 Jun 2018

Well, Tony Stark has the answer to that question for you as we look at what Iron Man like to keep in his garage. Today we start with his first movie:

  • 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster – You may have noticed Tony working on a restoring a car in the movie. This beauty actually belongs to the director, Jon Favreau. What Jon didn’t realise was the crew would need to remove parts of his restored roadster to make the scene look realistic, a case of instant regret if we’ve ever seen one!
  • 1967 Shelby Cobra – Then there was this one…the poor Shelby. The cobras 0-60 in 4.5 seconds did nothing for it as Tony stark test ran his jets and rather abruptly landed straight through this classic.
  • Saleen S7 – The keen-eyed may have also noticed the unmistakable sleek silhouette and remarkably orange paintwork of this 7.0litre V8 supercar. It makes its appearance several times within the movie sitting, unharmed-ish by his shenanigans.
  • Tesla Roadster – This is actually a bigger deal than you think. This Tesla was in its prototype phase when the movie came out. Given Tony’s character background and interest in alternative energy sources, it’s no surprise that he picked up this technologically advanced model.
  • 2008 Audi R8 – The favourite of the Iron Avenger. Audis clever product place meant that this car became “the car that Iron Man drives” in our world. Tony’s run around vehicle very quickly became some of the best marketing Audi could have hoped for out of the movie. They even created their own micro-site with Iron Man showcasing the R8. The supercar handling prowess may have impressed the crew of Iron Man a little too much, as Jon Favreau, the director, explained when describing the final crash scene in the movie:

"The crash just wasn’t spectacular enough! Our stunt specialists did their best to turn the R8 over onto its roof, which would have given us a dramatic final scene, but they failed – the car clung to the road too well!" – Jon Favreau

We love reading up on the latest motor and industry related news especially when it involves flashy new cars. However, flashy new cars need protecting. Whether it is basic protection or the top level to give you ultimate cover, we can help.

If you have recently invested in a new vehicle and are looking to safeguard yourself from the unexpected, start a quote with us today. Trust your leading warranty provider, we have the extended vehicle policy that’s best4 you!

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