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Why Best4 Warranty?

Best4 Warranty is different. With our policies you can expect nothing but great value. We pride ourselves on honesty and fairness and with this provide genuine extended vehicle warranty cover available 365 days a year. 

Great Value Vehicle Warranty Protection

We have worked hard from the outset to provide you with the genuinely best value used vehicle warranty available on the market today. We like to treat our customer as we like to be treated which is why we believe in utter transparency and honesty in all our policies. At Best4 Warranty, we go the extra mile creating the best vehicle insurance package for you. 

No other UK vehicle warranty company can currently offer you all the following benefits:

  • Fully comprehensive and inclusive roadside assistance, recovery and homestart service, with our AutoGold and AutoSilver vehicle extended warranties
  • No component contribution charges*
  • Wear & tear cover from day one if the wear & tear option is selected
  • No initial vehicle inspection required
  • No extra charges to cover 4x4 transmissions

In recent years financial companies have received a great deal of support from society, but have seemed to have been reluctant to return the favour when the good times returned. In this regard Best4 Warranty is different, our policies won’t cost you a penny more yet we will donate one pound for every policy purchased to a UK registered charity. This will go directly to a good cause that is dealing with an unexpected crisis or emergency here in the UK.

Now you have gained an insight into our approach and why it pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected with Best4 Warranty, we invite you to delve deeper into our vehicle policies. Once you are happy with your choice, start your journey of superhuman insurance protection with a bespoke quote. 

* Component contribution charges will reduce what other vehicle warranty companies will pay you if your claim is accepted. For example, many vehicle warranty companies will only pay for half the component cost for a vehicle that has done 90,000 miles. This means if a £1,000 Electrical Control Unit (ECU) component fails on that vehicle then they will only pay you £500 + labour for the repair work, leaving you out of pocket. Best4 Warranties doesn’t believe this is right or fair and will pay the full cost of the component repair as well as the labour.



Best4 the unexpected...