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We’ve put together the pros and cons of buying a used diesel car in 2022.

Should I buy a used diesel car?

  • 10 Feb 2022


With Electric and Hybrid Vehicles becoming more and more popular and the British government pledging to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, you might be wondering if it’s worth purchasing a fossil fuel powered car. While electric cars have spiked in popularity since the petrol crisis at the end of 2022, it’s still worth looking into petrol and diesel while the UK hasn’t fully adapted to electric driving.

But how much do you know about purchasing a diesel car? There are some big differences from petrol that you need to know if you’re considering buying a used diesel car.

We’ve put together the pros and cons of buying a used diesel car in 2022.



Fuel Efficiency

Diesel cars are more fuel efficient than traditional petrol cars in the long run. They generally use 15-20% less fuel which means you can save a massive 30% throughout the year.

CO2 Emissions

Even though diesel fuel contains slightly more carbon per litre than petrol, the overall CO2 emissions are lower by 20%.

Towing Caravans

Diesel engines tend to offer more torque than petrol-powered counter parts, this makes them a great option for towing caravans and trailers. This is why they are favoured in the farming industry.


A diesel vehicle can be better value for your money as they depreciate on the market at a lower rate.

Longer Life Span

A diesel car’s engine needs less maintenance meaning you’ll save money. This also means the engine will also last longer compared to a typical petrol car. The car itself will also last longer so when you do resell, you’ll get a better deal.



Short Trips/City Driving

Diesel cars are less suited for short trips and driving in the inner city. Driving at a low speed and for short distances can quickly clog up your Diesel Particulate Filter. The effect of DPF is must slower if you drive long trips on motorways or have a high annual mileage.

London Driving Legislation

Since October 2021, you may be obliged to pay a £12.50 daily fee to drive in the centre of London with a diesel car. Many councils are also introducing diesel parking surcharges of up to 50%.

Expensive to Fuel

Diesel vehicles tend to be slightly more expensive than petrol, but only by a few pence. That said, while you’re likely to pay more to fill up your tank, the fuel economy savings cancel out the extra cost making diesel cars cheaper in the long run.


Diesel cars, most of the time, are more expensive than petrol cars.

A key reason is that diesel engines usually require extra hardware that petrol ones don’t. To reduce emission and comply with stricter EU laws, devices such as AdBlue-reliant selective catalytic reduction systems often have to be fitted, costing a fair price for the labour.

Driving Experience

Diesel engines tend to be noisier than petrol due to their high running pressure. However, recent developments have been made to reduce this on newer models.


Servicing can be more expensive than purchasing a petrol car, although you do not need to get the vehicle serviced as often.


Insurance can be between 10-15% higher than petrol vehicles.


There’s no clear answer whether you should buy a diesel rather than petrol. It all depends on what you will be using the car for and for how long you decide to keep the vehicle. If you’re planning on buying a car for the odd trip to the shops or around a busy city centre, then a diesel may not be best suited for you. On the other hand, if you’re likely to be making a lot of long journeys on motorways or plan on staycation-ing with your caravan over the summer, then it might be worth looking to invest in a used diesel car.


If you already own a used diesel car, then why not get yourself a free, no obligation warranty quote today!


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