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At Best4 we wanted to put some special vehicles to the test to see how long it would take Santa to deliver ALL his presents by car or motorhome.

Could Santa Deliver All His Presents by Car?

  • 23 Dec 2021

Are you on the good list this year? (We think you are…)

While travel by sleigh and reindeer has been a favourite for the big man in red, what if he fancied a more modern form of transportation?

At Best4 we wanted to put some special vehicles to the test to see how long it would take Santa to deliver ALL his presents by car or motorhome.


Here are some stats that Santa has to accomplish to make sure every child receives a present:

There are roughly 200 million children currently in the world covering a staggering 200 million square miles of land. With an average of 2.67 children per household, he must visit 75 million homes with an average distance of 1.63 miles between each home. In total, Santa will travel 122 million miles within 36 hours (due to time zones).


Currently, the best-selling car model of 2021 is a Vauxhall Corsa according to The Sunday Times.

We’ve gone with the Vauxhall Corsa Ultimate at £26,065 Vauxhall Store Price. The Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment system with a 10-inch colour touchscreen with satellite navigation is perfect to negotiate rural areas and make sure no kid gets left behind, and keyless entry and start comes in handy with the multiple trips in and out the car.

For the purpose of our experiment, let’s say Santa is quite the motor-head. With the Vauxhall Corsa’s top speed of 119 mph, Mr Claus will have 2,704,779 hours and 49 minutes of drive time. That’s 308 years and 7 months to wait and see if you’ve been naughty or nice (we’d rather take the coal upfront).


So, we now know that automotive travel is not the most practical way for Santa to get around, but what if there were a team of Santas on a national level? What would the UK Santa want to travel his 35,000 miles in?

We think he’d travel in style.

What better way to hit those long roads than with a luxury RV? The STX Motorhome are built to be a driver’s everyday companion. With a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area, this 26-tonne machine is any traveller’s delight. Some of the features include, two induction cooking plates, 2 flat screen TVs, and even a rain shower! Perfect for a family adventure with Mrs Claus and a few favourite elves.

Luckily for National Account Manager Santa, if he drove non-stop day and night with no fuel stops, he would complete his mission within 20 days! If we wanted to create a realistic estimate including downtime, after 8 hours sleep, 3 hours for food and 1 hours sightseeing/fuelling a day, it would take Santa and the family exactly 1 month to get to every child.


So as much as we’d like to say Father Christmas could make the switch to automobile, we think it would be best if he stuck to sleigh.

BUT if he chose to make the switch to car or motorhome, we have a number of warranties policies specifically designed for his needs. Find a policy tailored to you today!

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