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Best4 has put together the key facts of buying premium tyres compared to budget.

Are premium tyres worth the price?

  • 5 May 2022


Your tyres need to be replaced around every 20,000 to 30,000 miles to ensure you are driving safely. But a number of vehicle drivers can’t decide on how much to pay for their tyres due to the overwhelming number of choices. Is it worth spending the money on premium tyres or are budget and mid-range tyres all that you need? Best4 has put together the kay facts of buying premium tyres compared to budget.


Premium Tyres

As expected, premium tyres are the most expensive. Examples of premium brands include Pirelli, Continental, and Bridgestone.

Factory fitted: Premium tyres are factory fitted so you can trust that they will fit.

Development: Premium tyres will have undergone a lot of development during creation. Top quality compounds are used to make the tyres and are well tested.

More cost effective: These tyres are hard wearing and therefore long-lasting, meaning they need to be replaced less often.

Safer: The low-grade rubber compositions used in typical budget tyres are not as effective at gripping the road in wet conditions, which then affects stopping distances.

Fuel Efficient: Tyre quality and construction can also affect your fuel efficiency and the amount of CO2 your vehicle emits. Typically, premium tyres with an ‘A rating’ will save a huge 80 litres of fuel over a year, working out at around £110 a year.

Quieter: Premium tyres are designed to reduce external noise and keep you within the current and future legal limits. They also make less noise inside your car making driving a more pleasurable experience.


Mid-Range Tyres

Mid-range tyres are the middle ground if you still want quality but for a fraction of the price.

Mis-sold: Some disreputable garages will sell you tyres that they call ‘mid-range’ when really they are actually budget tyres so they can make profit in the difference.

Quality without the name: Do not be put off because the tyres you are being offered have a brand name you have not heard of. There are a lot of very good mid-range tyre manufacturers with decent quality products but just do not get the same publicity as big brands such as Pirellis and Michelins. Check their reviews and do research on these brands.


Budget Tyres

Cheap: If you are short on cash need to replace a tyre unexpectedly, budget tyres are great for such eventualities.

Stay clear of part worn tyres: Part worn tyres are unlikely to last long and can even be dangerous. Without knowing the history of the tyres, you do not know if it is damaged.

Quality: Budget tyres are subject to testing and checks, so the majority that are manufactured will be of a certain quality standard and safety. However, it is unlikely that they will perform to the same standard as premium brand tyres and will not have been subjected to the meticulous design and testing process.


Which tyres should you choose?

As expected, the more money you spend, usually, the better the tyre. As premium tyres last longer, you shouldn’t have to replace them for a while. Another cost to consider is if you need to a garage to replace your tyre for you.

If you’re in desperate need of a tyre when your funds are low, budget tyres are a better option than delving into potentially dangerous re-tread or part-worn tyres. Another reason to purchase budget friendly tyres is if you rarely use the vehicle. Tyres degrade over time as the rubber deteriorates and cracks appear, so you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on tyres for a vehicle that is only used for the local weekly shop or just for emergencies.

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