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How To Make A Claim

If the vehicle shows signs of an imminent failure, do not continue to use it. This may aggravate the problem and cause greater damage for which we will not be liable. Your repairer must find the cause of the problem and verify if it is covered by the warranty. We will not pay for any stripping down of the vehicle or parts to determine the cause of the failure unless we accept the claim. The most we will pay in total is restricted to the claim limit as noted on the policy schedule for a single claim and up to the vehicle purchase price in total.

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  1. Your repairer must telephone the claims department on 03432 271 499. At that time the following information will be required:
    • Warranty number
    • Warranty holder’s name and address
    • Current mileage
    • Nature of claim
    • Total cost
    • Service history (if applicable) 
  2. If the failed component is listed under this warranty you must obtain authority from the claims department before commencing any repairs. Admission of liability is conditional on the terms and conditions of this warranty being adhered to, for example, servicing.
  3. You can send any supporting documentation to on receipt of any supporting service invoices (where required), we may approve repairs immediately; call for other estimates; nominate another repairer; investigate the claim further, or appoint an independent assessor to inspect the vehicle and or failed components.
  4. When repairs are approved a claim number will be issued for the repairs to be carried out, along with a claim form to be signed and dated by the policyholder
  5. On completion of the repairs, send the following documents to the administrator at the address on the page of this policy:
    1. The repairer’s VAT invoice, which must quote the claim number, vehicle details, failure mileage and details of who to pay.
    2. Supporting documentation as requested by the claims adviser such as the signed claim form and proof of payment for the repair.

The Administrator’s working hours are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday and 9am - 12pm on Saturdays, excluding bank/public holidays. Telephone calls may be recorded for the purpose of staff training and improving customer service.

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