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Why would I want a used car warranty?

It is almost inevitable that as your vehicle gets older so components will fail. The age-old conundrum of how to manage this risk is no different to your decision to take out other types of insurance.

If your vehicle engine suffered a catastrophic failure tomorrow could you afford to have a re-conditioned engine fitted? Some recent costs for re-conditioned engines include BMW 3 series £4,825 - Ford Focus £1,822 – Range Rover £12,236 and Nissan Qashqai £5,894. Other sizable claims examples was a Magneto replacement on a motorcycle £660.02 and water ingress damage in a caravan £1203.45.

Prepare for the unexpected with the best car warranty UK provider

As mentioned above, as your vehicle ages so does its components, a very important factor to consider when thinking about your vehicle cover in the long term.

Two other points to bear in mind is that your standard motor insurance will not cover you if your vehicle breaks down of its own accord. Similarly, standard roadside recovery services will not pay for any repair work if the vehicle cannot be fixed on the roadside. Ultimately, it comes down to the risk of if something unexpected happened to your vehicle’s mechanical or electrical components could you afford to fix the problem?

It costs nothing to get a Best4 Warranty quote and you may be surprised how much we can help lessen the risk. So, what are you waiting for? Start obtaining superhuman levels of service and
warranty protection today.


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SUMMER SALE - £30 Discount On All Warranties

Special Offer

SUMMER SALE - £30 Discount On All Warranties

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Best4 the unexpected...